Learn Flame & Forge2D

What is Flame?

From Flame official website: Flame is a modular Flutter game engine that provides a complete set of out-of-the-way solutions for games. It provides a simple yet effective game loop implementation and the necessary functionalities you might need in a game.

With Flutter & Flame, we can create multiplatform games that will run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Web. We write the code once and can run it on any platform without any modification to the code.

What is Forge2d?

Forge2D is a Dart port of the Box2D physics engine.

What is Box2D?

Box2D is a free, open-source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine written in C++ by Erin Catto.

It has been used in games like Crayon Physics Deluxe, Limbo, Rolando, Fantastic Contraption, Incredibots, Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Transformice, Happy Wheels and many more.


For these tutorials and articles, we assume that you have basic knowledge of Flutter, or at least you should know how to download the source code from GitHub, open it in your favorite IDE, navigate the source code, initialize your packages with pub get and run your app in a simulator.

We will use Android Studio, but you can use your favorite IDE.

Flame Tutorials

  1. Getting started: Setting up the project
  2. The world, bodies, shapes, and fixtures
  3. Body types: dynamic, static & kinematic
  4. Friction, density & restitution
  5. Forces, impulses & linear velocity
  6. Bodies and sprites
  7. Collisions
  8. Collisions with animated sprites

Available soon

  1. Animated sprites: walk, jump, duck
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