Flutter: Arithmetic operators

The arithmetic operators allow us to do basic math like addition, subtraction, division, etc. Dart supports the following operators:

Division with integer result~/

Everything should be fine with how addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division work. But what about the Modulus and the Division with integer result? Let's take a look at what they do:

Modulus %

The result of the modulus % operator is the reminder of the division, for example:

print( 16 % 3 );
// Result is 1
Parts of the division

Parts of the division

Division with integer result ~/

The result of division with integer result ~/ will return only the integer number and discard the decimal numbers, for example:

print( 16 ~/ 3 );
// Result is 5

Examples in DartPad

Run the examples on DartPad:

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